Welcome to the Newest Technology in Fire Pump Flow Testing!

The EasyFlow Unit offers accurate testing, simplifies testing procedures, reduces costs, and boosts your company image. EasyFlow is the finest fire pump test trailer available in today's market — featuring impressive speed, precision accuracy, and ease of use.  Also, this environmentally-enhanced unit saves you money while increasing revenues.

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Flowing 2250gpm

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The EasyFlow Unit

The EasyFlow unit can be custom built to flow whatever you request. The Easy Flow Unit shown above is the 2000 Series with eight flow tubes using 1-¾ inch pitotless nozzles flowing up to 3750gpm (2500gpm fire pump at 150%). The 1000 Series is constructed with six flow tubes using 1-¾ inch pitotless nozzles flowing up to 2625gpm (1750gpm fire pump at 150%). However, both units are able to flow over additional water based on the pitot unit requested.

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Fire Pump Flow Testing in Half the Time of Conventional Methods

Take a look at what this state-of-the-art unit offers:

  • Easy setup, just "Hook up and Flow."
  • Remote Test Header allows reduction in labor costs.
  • Accurate results using the FM-approved Pitotless Nozzle.™
  • No need to get wet while reading water gauges.
  • Pump tests performed practically "anywhere" including tight alleyways.
  • Uses one-quarter of the water labeling this unit "GREEN."
  • Practically maintenance free.
  • Will pay for itself over a short period of time.