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About Chesapeake Bay Flow Company

The Chesapeake Bay Flow Company was founded by Randy Earle with the introduction of the EzFlow’n unit — the newest technology in Fire Pump Testing.

Randy Earle, founder and president of The Chesapeake Bay Flow Company was introduced in the fire sprinkler industry in 1984.  He was the owner and general manager of J. Randal Corporation, a company structured to provide a full line of fire system services. When repair and/or service work was necessary, Randy looked out for his customers' best interests by encouraging them to shop other fire system service companies for competitive pricing.  He believed that the best way to deal with his customers was the honest approach.

Randy Earle, Founder & President

Randy is additionally the founder and president of Fire System Consulting Plus, a life safety fire system consulting firm.  Being in the fire system service industry for more than 27 years, his consulting firm protects property owners from being misled or overpaying for fire system services.  It is important for property owners to be cautious in taking advice from someone who will financially gain from it.  Having a completely impartial third party to research and develop solutions will ensure competitive pricing and quality assurance.

In 1990, Randy became very concerned with the current methods of fire pump testing. There were too many variables to consider in meeting accurate testing requirements. Not to mention all the wasted water when flow testing fire pumps. So Randy became very intrigued in fire pump testing and made it his goal to develop a testing unit that will provide accurate flow readings, condense area of testing and to make it easy and safe to use. The best part, his EzFlow’n design saves up to 60% of the water used.

Please email us with any questions you may have or how we can better serve you.  Randy would like to thank you for your support in the past and looking forward in serving you in the future.

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